Organization developer both above and below the waterlevel. From a careful dialogue and support, I encourage and direct organization and cross-organization-wide change projects that also enchance the project-and process-oriented work and employability of the employees. My added value in that dialogue is making the connection, make the respectful discussion of blocks that the (personal) development and the ambition of the organazation stands in the way. I think and work from the solution, from what is possible and say goodbye to what no longer works. I work in it with "both feet in the clay."

In processes of change I work from a positiv critical point of view (Appreciative inquiry), the "action learning" system (learning by doing and by re-adjusting) and "co-creation of change": trying to get employees connected to the initiated changes.

To guarantee the quality of its leadership / advisory role in complex changeprocesses, Oars participate in a (SIOO) network in which managers and advisers assist each other with advice and assistance. OARS is also a member of the Association of Management Consultants and Advisers (OOA) and (international) certified management consultant.

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