Oars is the Frisian business name for different. Owner Oeds Zijlstra manages and advises on organizational processes and changes.
He is a professional about strategic (HRM) change processes and human development projects, municipal reorganization and -cooperation.


  • Strategic exploration:
    In supporting of the development of a business strategy, OARS is focused on exploring multiple options. This exploration takes place through multiple calls and meetings at the level of decision-making, participation and external stakeholders. And also based on its own analysis.

    Counselling and coaching:
    We are specialized to put employees in their strength and focus us on both counseling and coaching. In counseling, we discuss the personal backgrounds, feelings and thoughts from which the employee acts (conviction). In coaching we guide employees on the required skills. In a number of (personal) meetings we addresses to "ownership". This means that employees are encouraged and excited that they can exercise and really have influence in their existing situation in a changing environment instead of going out of expectations. 

Working method:
The goal of Oars is to make a successful and sustainable change possible. Oars invests in the change initiative and aligns employees with the changes in the organization. OARS allows them to collaborate on the development in order to achieve results. In this way organization development does not stop at sharp (re) visions, new theories, (policy) reports and top-down implementation. But there arises a movement to support employees in the organization development that set their hands to the changes.



OARS co-creation of change
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